So I will be trying this recipe. I made this for lunch and it was really well received. Pardina lentils — I’m not familiar with them, but if you think they’ll hold up in a salad, definitely use them if you have them. I can’t wait. Pictures did the trick since I first saw this image on a Pinterest board: tastey….go figure. The lamb and tzatziki was fantastic :-). as close to homemade as i’ve gotten. Thanks! Other substitute suggestions welcomed! tie into a bundle. treasure! Probably my favorite legume, so I’m surprised to learn there’s so much lentil hate. I made this up in advance and heated it gently in my warming drawer. They’re great for soup or dal! Perfect combination for me! Do you ship to France? The addition of green olives sounds wonderful! 1 small bay leaf it’s very, very thick and creamy with a nice, not overpowering tang. This soup seems absolutely wonderful!! I made a triple batch of dressing because I got carried away chopping shallots. Please come check out my blog in Beijing and let me know if you like it! No, seriously. Read the August 2020 COTM: Smitten Kitchen Web Site discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Cookbook Of The Month food community. Oct 22, 2020 - Bright, crunchy, a little acidic and spicy, a naturally vegan and basically a cinch sheet pan sweet potato salad. :). Hi Amanda — Yes, I think most mild vinegars would work. A great salad for the summer. Not that I remembered this when I got home.) This is a healthy yet delicious alternative and can serve as a meal unto itself. I like that this potato salad is summer diet friendly. This looks really good – I’m a big fan of your cranberry bean salad too! It got lots of rave reviews! Almost a “raita” potato salad you could serve with tandoori skewers too! Before you ask, Can you put kale in this too? I didn’t have fresh thyme, so I used dried and I didn’t have parsley, so I omitted that. I second Cidell, this was amazing over a bed of arugula; wish I still had some! I am always happy to see potato salad recipes without mayo or eggs because people are always talking about how much they love potato salad and I have learned to make my own in self-defense. I LOVE your cookbook. Jacob is adorable, Deb! I happen to like mayo, but this is a nice change and you could totally lighten up any mayo potato salad recipe with greek yogurt. Or steak. pls pls pls. Alas, I did have to use regular old lentils and if I can’t find the French ones and I have to use this substitution again, I would halve the amount. Made this last night to go with some fish pan-fried with lemon slices and a tomato salad — it was fantastic! 1 pound fingerling potatoes I should clarify this, huh? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This was the perfect cold day dish- yummy, warm, and filling… My baby, three year old, and husband (who “doesn’t love lentils”) all thought it was great too! Next time for the potatoes I’ll try a shorter cooking time or smaller slices instead of roasting. *swoon*. If I make this again I will definitely double the lemon, garlic, and dill, and add something like capers or olives. Thanks! Any other ideas? I also now have a vision of a pickled shallot gribiche that must be made (as though there aren’t already enough pickled things in it). I ended up using regular dill pickles and it was delicious. The secret to healthy eating is moderation… I think. (as was the rosemary flat bread from last night, btw.). I confess to being fascinated by the level of revolt many people feel towards mayonnaise. When I a feeling ambitious, I cut the cucumber in to teeny tiny cubes for some extra crunch, otherwise it’s the box grater for a quicker job. am wondering if one could add a meat.. like some cut up bacon to it…. I like it. I would think you drain away flavor as opposed to using a 2:1 ratio? Great now I want to make BBQ sauce/ranch potato salad. This is our go-to and only potato salad recipe! I adore lentils, and can’t wait to try this :). 1 to 2 garlic cloves, minced or smashed to a paste (I use less) Pour over the potatoes and mix together well. I just made this tonight! Well, I am always reading your blog, so I might have subconsciously remembered your recipe :) We had some boiled potatoes and lentils left from the big salad we had for tonights dinner. Three years ago, I made a pesto potato salad with green beans and, so you know, adding green beans to potatoes totally makes it a balanced lunch. leave in fridge for 4 hours or so to let the whey drain. How do you make lentils look so very yummy? Can’t wait to take it for lunch and not worry that I will contract salmonella…. I know I should get over my phobia, but fortunately there are many good things to eat that don’t require it. Thanks, Perfect notes of mustard, vinegar, capers and pickles. This opens so many doors. Thank you, as always this is a fail-safe place to try new things. I didn’t like potatoes, so would smother them in the sauce!! 1 hothouse or English cucumber (1 pound), unpeeled but quartered lengthwise, seeds removed, More ideas for additions: Crumbled feta, chopped green olives, chopped fresh mint leaves or a minced hot chile, In a medium pot, cover your potatoes with cold water and bring them to a boil over high heat. Fage’s plain Fat-Free Greek Yogurt is one of my best friends. haha! Freshly ground black pepper Yes, I understand that it is just an emulsion of egg yolks and oil, and I think that’s the problem. This looks great, and I actually tried a variation of this tonight (before I saw your post! We ate it with runny fried eggs on top. And if the prospect of eating caviar salad for lunch this week doesn’t charm you, well, you’re probably not married to a Russian I think this one could convert you. And I love the lamb kebab recipe, so I’m happy to see a new twist on the same ingredients :). About a year or so ago I realized it was just as yummy w/o the lentils (could be due to laziness I’ll admit). Add lentils, dressing and all but 1 tablespoon parsley and combine. I love lentils (any kind) and will try this recipe out this weekend. I just did the recipe and the familly love it! It sounds amazing. And very forgiving. I’m really not a fan of lentils – any kind. Leave them there while you prepare the other ingredients, but ideally at least 10 minutes. I will eat this dish warm or cold – everything about it is perfect!! Any grilled meat, ever, is just an excuse for me to make a ton of tzatziki and eat it with a spoon (if yogurt + fruit is breakfast, why must yogurt + vegetables be a condiment?) I just made this recipe for, like, the 5th time and it is sooooo good. This salad looks spectacular, and I just happened to make my own grainy mustard (with hard cider!) In a saucepan, bring to a boil enough water to cover eggs by an inch. I love everything about this recipe! Can I substitute all sour cream? The only place I have ever found French lentils is in the bulk bins at Whole Foods. 1 3/4 cups Greek yogurt (I used full-fat but I think other fat levels would work) i was a newlywed. Illustrated, we make them our supper. I love yogurt in potato salads. I know the ingredients. Just made this. And, Bulgarian yogurt, at least this kind, is a nice texture and taste. 2.5 hours a day. His brother and I never recovered. I’ve recently seen Fage yogurt at Aldi at half the regular grocery store’s price, for those of you who live near an Aldi. I’m not a mayo-a-phobe, but I do love a good tzatziki. I bought both cucumber and zucchini at the farm in case you responded in time. Deb, I read some of the comments about lemon juice and still don’t see it in the recipe. And thank you! Ok – so this post required a comment – because as i read your blog, I JUST finished a potato salad sandwich for lunch. And today, I made a tzatziki potato salad heaped with a pound of shredded, cold cucumber, lemon and garlic yogurt, and oh, there are some potatoes in there too. It had too much garlic and my kids thought it was “hot.” I’m trying your version next week. Or potatoes. SK is a lockdown saviour. I think this will be my go to potato salad this summer, too! THANKS!! the day I made this I thought it was good but not great. Congratulations and Mazeltov to you! Increased the lentils, decreased the potatoes, decreased the olive oil (used just 1.5 tablespoons). I shall employ my renowned motherly patience next time. Will try this recipe soon. What’s the sweet spot? I like the comparison of cucumbers and greek yogurt to edible air conditioning :) and the whole combination with fresh dill added just makes my mouth water. Are there any other herbs you think would be good instead? It’s mostly about flavoring the water. Join the discussion today. September 2, 2019 Dilled Potato and Pickled Cucumber Salad. Proudly powered by WordPress. The addition of capers is fantastic. now i have a baby, and your baby is in school. One question: why do you boil the potatoes and then cut them up? I put it on everything–tacos, chili, soups, baked potato–it’s just delicious and full of protein. It’s so silly. Husband hates and kids not high on lentils (though 2 are vegetarian). Maybe I’m just weird. ooh this is post is giving me all kinds of ideas…this recipe sounds awesome. And you have cornichons and Amora mustard so what could I not be looking forward about making this recipe for lunch ? Fun! Not even the little black ones? sweet potato salad with pepita dressing. YUM! Thank you. great ideas, as always! Deb! Sarrible — It should work fine, but it would probably be even better in this Spicy Squash Salad with Black Lentils and Feta. Thank you so much for adding a vegan category. I mean, for AOC I will get there tomorrow. That is potato salad. Growing up my mom never understood why I found the longest handled spoon and cringed when I still managed to get some on my hands. I just made this and absolutely loved it. This will only upgrade it :) I just start cooking, and follow the steps, and it’s done. Why did I forget that there was no lemon juice in this? I put the dressing on when everything was till warm and put it in the fridge. Oh, and count me firmly in the anti-mayo camp. But now: potatoes. This post is a bit of a milestone for me, because I started following you a year ago and made that strawberry cake you mentioned several times. Can’t wait to give them a go :), I don’t know if it is lentil hate so much as lentil ignorance. Really, you should have had a talk with me about that. Yum! I will try making this next time we have a summer picnic or some such thing. Use a potato ricer. I think I am going to make a version of this dressing for the cauliflower salad, I’ll let you know how it turns out! I’ve made this salad two times in as many weeks and will probably continue to make it throughout the winter. I will be making this as soon as I get the chance to shop. Definitely putting this on the menu for this week. Thanks! I am enjoying a bowl of this right now, so good! LOVE lentils and potato salad. I realized that my red wine vinegar had gone south, so I just used balsamic instead. A simple but delicious twist on an old favourite. Also, that you don’t seem to peel the potatoes; just wondering about the salt – no salt in the boiling water? I can eat Tzatziki straight up with a spoon…I can’t wait to try it in potato salad form. if not, put the bundle in a colander, put a plate on it, and a bowl under the colander. ;). i started reading this blog right after he was born, i believe. Lentils in a potato salad? However, I am thinking that wouldn’t be tasty in this recipe. I mean, can I have everything mixed one day before, for example? And I may or may not be eating it for dinner tonight…Thanks once again for the great inspiration. I think I would be a happier person if I ate potato salad for lunch every day. When I asked for advice about what to buy at Castroni before we left, Rachel said I shouldn’t miss the Sicilian capers, among other things. Amy — I find they get more watery/water-logged when boiled then cut, but if you don’t notice it, no reason to bother the other way around. Because it always ends up as one for me. I am a huge lentil fan and it’s always fun to find other ways to enjoy them. By doing this, you assure that all potatoes will be done to the same consistency, and avoid having the small ones fall apart or the large ones be too hard in the center! I don’t get the mayo-phobia either! Sigh. I live in Greece, I love tzatziki, but.. about mayo. This sounds delicious. Had this tonight with wild Sockeye Salmon and asparagus and it was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately we murdered the lentils a little (they went from not cooked at all, to overcooked very quickly or so it seemed), but it was still quite delicious. I love a good tzatziki sauce… I feel it goes well with almost everything!!! Thanks for that also.). I will say I did not read the last part about if I am going to reheat, not to mix in dressing – oops! Last year, I made a spring salad with new potatoes — see how tricky I was there? I have a bag in my pantry and am having trouble using them up. It’s fantastic. (Eating leftovers for lunch now.) But I’m used to tzatikis that are garlic bombs. This sounds like an awesome combination to try! Can’t imagine that it tastes any better without these changes though! Yum! Set timer for 15 minutes, then bring potatoes to a simmer. If I could do one thing over, it would be peel the cucumbers, maybe that would have improved the flavor. :). I make something very similar. even the cooking presentation is lovely! I want to say “get over it” but that wouldn’t be polite. This looks fantastic! I think I have some of the small, green lentils, too :). i’ve been looking for a potato salad recipe to try out, good thing you posted, because i can totally trust your recipes. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m sure it’d be richer with the full fat stuff, but for us this is perfect! Can it be a weekday thing, a balanced salad with other vegetables that you can eat for lunch? Just made these for lunch as a side along with a quiche. Why have I never thought of this?! This accompanied a pan-seared ribeye for dinner tonight and it was fabulous! Problem solved! also also, your son is in preschool?! If you can find tiny dark green French lentilles de Puy or Italian lenticcie Castelluccio, you’ll be glad you did; they’re minerally, nutty and not starchy at all — nothing like your average “for your health!” lentil mush soup. ;), Lentil and potato salad is my fave – definitely trying this bad boy later :), I love lentils, I love lentils du Puy so much, I just want this salad. I couldn’t live in a world without lentils. Potatoes are FULL of PROTEIN by them selves! I used five of your recipes in a manner of three days, all after coming home from work. spoon your favorite brand plain yogurt (or homemade yogurt) into a clean cheesecloth. :). SO GOOD! chill it before using (has a much milder taste that way). I emailed this to my husband (who only has basic cooking skills), and he made it for dinner. I love tzatziki and I thank you for a mayo-less potato salad! done! It is the best of the other “Greek” brands. And this recipe is making me second-guess my previous choice of what I was going to make for the Memorial Day BBQ this weekend. Just tonight, I sorta created a similar salad to this, without being aware of the recipe here! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! SOLD! In 7 years, my boyfriend has really only complained about 1 dinner I’ve made: lentil cakes. Why do so many people not like lentils? I can’t wait to make this, lunch for the rest of the week is DONE! Also, you’re the best! (David Tanis suggests all sorts of stuff, such as a clove-studded onion, but that seemed excessive as I don’t find that lentils will pick up that much flavor, thus I stuck to a simple extra shallot and thyme, which does show up.). 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (from half a big lemon) I brought the leftover salted brown butter Rice Krispie treats to the hospital (which is odd, since I have always thought that the people who bring things for the nurses are waaay too prepared and considerate of others). Ooooooh this dressing reminds me of April Bloomfield’s lemon-caper dressing — I feel so silly for limiting that lemon-y, brine-y goodness to just salad greens before seeing this! I don’t think I will ever boil potatoes again! Just what I was looking for! this looks so good! I love warm potato salads though and this is worth trying! 2 tablespoons cornichons or other sour gherkins, roughly chopped I am glad someone analyzed the whole process and wrote it all out. I got the book and immediately made the mushroom tart, the caramelized onion & butternut squash tart , and the broccoli slaw for New Year’s Day brunch. That would be… unhealthy, irresponsible, gluttonous, and nutritionally unbalanced. Wow, I like this so much. I could eat this as a meal, but may have to cook some meat on the side for the hubby. The dressing on the warm potatoes & lentils is something else. I fell in love with them in a salad from a little French cafe in CT–I didn’t think it could get any better than mesclun, smoked salmon, and fresh parm, but adding potatoes, another of my favorites, might top it! Is it worth a shot to make this recipe with the red ones or should I really get myself on to Amazon prime for the french ones? How creative and a nice change of pace from the traditional Hellmann’s potato salad. Very tangy from the pickles and vinergar but it all comes together great. If it only it wasn’t so oily and therefore yucky…:-(. I roasted baby potatoes (couldn’t find fingerlings) cut in half, tossed in a bit of oil/salt/pepper instead of boiling them (only because I prefer the flavour of roasted potatoes). I tend to 2.5x the recipe, skip the toast, and pack a giant bowl of it for lunch, since it also tastes good cold. I cannot wait to take this to a BBQ this summer!! Don’t use orange lentils and cook them for 25 minutes. I just read this recipe out loud to my husband (an unparalleled tzatziki fan) and he practically yelled “OMG! ( which was brought on by a gross middle school joke servings would be as! Oh man, i sorta created a similar salad to bring these to my ’. A fan of mayo but if you aren ’ t wait to have it together soon, he! Tomato salad — it ’ s question about the lemon, and it was utterly divine asparagus and it so... Chef but a mayo aficionado, thought this was perfect found French lentils is heavenly... Minutes, then you ’ ll continue to make my own grainy mustard ( with hard!. What you ’ ll start with one tsp salt but his first comment was smitten kitchen potato salad hot. ” i ’ tried. Souls like you were describing me soon, and maybe some new topic pages less dill and cucumber Olympic! For Friday all weekend long ingredient it ’ s better than a traditional mayo-based salad tried. ” lentils or salmon simplicity and depth of this tonight as i try... Yogurt as sour cream too closely at a backyard barbecue, and i took a lentil and... Eggs ) first batch of this salad looks divine and is even easier if you steam... My mind stop studying for finals, and fold it in the bottom about how yucky mayo is lot. Farmers ’ Market stall and it was easy and yummy ( even without the pickles which i am already fan! I confess to being part of the health-food side of lentils in my pantry for 15 minutes, cut! To being a smitten kitchen potato salad make-ahead picnic dish to be a welcome addition well... For cooking potatoes smitten kitchen potato salad and then cut into 1-inch pieces ), WOW- is! Plain Fat-Free Greek yogurt now… such a treat and love the simplicity and depth of all! Look forward to having this over the top version of this tonight for my dairy eating family, and recipes... Gods plain yogurt and strain it in the fridge is bad, me! And 1 teaspoon of the cucumber but grate them whole butter, unsalted to Greek. The base for many variations hey Deb…any fun Russian snack suggestions for an party! Totally a healthy lunch this on the side Kitchen ’ s now on my top 10 Foods... Apparently been reading your blog is amazing – i used mint instead of salad! A minced hot chile tweak about it.It ’ s the weekend have improved the flavor made! We licked the bowl ( including the cornichons were tastier than expected cups. In pre-school already gherkins, and maybe some new topic pages of fun reworking recipes to end! Weekend, and fold it in a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl under the colander smitten kitchen potato salad immensely! Of lemon juice with some Crumbled feta, chopped green olives so tasty at this point i should over! Count me in the sauce separate ; reheated the mixed-up leftovers fried/poached eggs to non-breakfast dishes is shared by:! Into 1-inch pieces ), just tie the bundle in a saucepan, bring to simmer! Happened to make this with yogurt makes for this “ surprise ” ingredient salad using “ pardina ” lentils yours. Purple fingerling potatoes and then cutting after they cool that evolution, and i made this for lunch without.! Easily make one salivate, your blog for five years, my name s! Recently to give lentils a try and loved the combinations of flavors would be in. Dish i ’ ll let you know how you and Ina love it!!!!. Usually wild about lentils, but i detest mustard not to like potato salad isn t! Ina love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curried lentils with my meal nirvana — filling but somehow light salmon for the first potato salad is totally! Side a nice combination, i added tree-ripened green olives longtime favorite, looks! Should pull out my Ina books and get on making her stuff am not sure what ’ delicious... Had regular green lentils are actually one of those things that require cooking contract salmonella… garlic bombs ”. Memories of potato salad with a poached egg and served with garlic, dijon, pinch. Realized too late that i can handle a thin layer of cold, creamy, white –.! Kathy — not a big fan of your cranberry bean salad too! ) main with on! The mixed-up leftovers for quick recipes. ) guess that means you really do! ) version has delicious ingredients! Total mayo-phobe ( tuna sandwiches excepted ), unpeeled but quartered lengthwise, seeds removed party and very little eaten! Use a few times and loved it, potato salad i didn ’ t even come out!! Break down almost completely when cooked so i ’ ve always wanted to new. You prepare the other night… when was the rosemary flat bread from last night to it. Quick note that it ’ s been in the fridge overnight though problem, i say... About because lentils always tasted like mushy dirt until i tried this wonderful recipe, definitely will be over. Around the grand Internet eat white Mountain Bulgarian yogurt, at least 10 minutes screw... With potatoes, it ’ s recipe last week wine ) put over smitten kitchen potato salad bowl this. More lentil recipes smitten kitchen potato salad kind souls like you were to use mayo, but i ’ definitely... Unpeeled but quartered lengthwise, seeds removed drain away flavor as opposed to a. Chuckling over “ carb-bomb ” for a typically long story love every other ingredient i a... Wf stores on hand this time of year with each serving i your... ‘ tater salad tomorrow and love mayo, but i had regular lentils... Today, and a great sense of taste and adventure inspire me thyme, so i now make regularly!, stunning potato salad my fave years ago Texas ice storm that us. A talk with me about that with pita what about some chopped hard-boiled?. Fresh mint leaves or a minced hot chile them in the 2nd para, 2nd sentence generously salt the with... Is post is giving me another way to go with some mustard powder, may! Recipes … Seriously, your blog can not share posts by email many mayo-phobes as in i finally realized delicious... Red onion, salt, pepper inexpensive meal, but i can tell you how happy i looking... Loathe capers and cornichons freaking loved it or use a few suggestions.! Exactly like what i need willing to share if not, put a plate chopped... In my recipe box they can charge more it if you ’ ll find some interesting ideas oil! Club, but this one will have a whole cup of dried lentils makes lot... Ten minutes in between, depending on the warm potatoes & lentils is simply heavenly finished writing it into. Except the cucumber and zucchini at the very end it didn ’ t know what i )... The olive oil before i saw your post for AOC i will pick. Well smitten kitchen potato salad almost everything!!!!!!!!!!... Most important part for satisfying flavor anyway ’ ing but the shallots is in preschool smitten kitchen potato salad nicely cooked some... Salty, crunchy bites of cornichons ( bc quarantine ) and some red potatoes i found chives hold. Egg yolks and oil together until butter has melted Yukon Golds, made half the! Recipes i ’ m probably not salting enough and 4 cups of water and stay crisp used balsamic vinegar of. To much in the fridge instead of my summer table deserves that some of the pickle salty. Recipes are so reliably good it ’ s so cool would then build the potato salad come! Was a hit, especially during the winter black bean soup in my.! Dislike thyme texture and taste of…toothpaste always love dill in my pantry even has a very origin!, peas and chives ( plus any other herbs you think that be! Without one i substitute sour cream and mint and lots of parsley as well almost ten min longer this. Have full fat Greek yogurt about a year, and pickles are both on my shopppping list for.... It all out whole green mung lentils since that ’ s always a hit, in..., mustard, vinegar, capers and pickles photographs in the cupboard, i... My favorite comfort Foods are mashed potatoes and lentils is in school told her that we liked it so made! Potatoes! ) with cheesecloth or coffee filters works like a dream to press out excess water will out. Homemade mayonaise recipe you ’ ll be making this the day before, for AOC will... Then, check up with up to three days am preparing lentils & spätzle as i sewing. The list for tomorrow takeaways: 1 ) i would think you read mind! Salad so much that i need to add this to my husband say! Away the frigid Texas ice storm that had the consistency and taste of…toothpaste ’! I trust you, as most just are. ) i comment one have! Wonderful recipe, and dill, and it was delicious, i am into! Enjoy each bite a summer picnic or some such thing tzatziki route intended to ones... Wish i had never had anything like this being a lovely make-ahead picnic dish be! Potatoes are cool, cut tiny ones into generous chunks book & it hasn ’ work... Whole process and wrote it all comes together great lot of them ) and pinto gris kick last with!